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Our Projects 

Our Team have worked alongside some big names in Irish Education to create unrivalled learning experiences.

These include the NI Education Authority, Road Safety Authority, The Open Training College Dublin, and Sentireal.


NI Education Authority
Software Delivery & Managed Service

Having developed a large software footprint in post-primary schools with our Curriculum Mapping Service, our relationship with the Department of Education was formalised in 2011 by the inclusion of Wholeschool’s School Development Planning software in c2k’s enNI program.
As a result of our relationship with the Education Authority (EA), we have become an established and trusted supplier of software and managed-service consultancy to the sector. We facilitated the delivery of DENI’s Engage 1 Program in September 2020 and Engage 2 funding which will run from September 2021.
Currently we are looking forward to the Departments specifications for the new (Lot8) services which will replace the current C2K platform. The Education Technology Services (ETS) system.

EA Anchor

Mobile Application & Systems Integration


Wholeschool worked with the team at Sentireal to develop a ‘Headless CMS’ to support content authoring and delivery for the ‘CLEAR Dementia Care©’ mobile application, developed on behalf of the Northern Health and Social Care Trust Dementia Home Support Team. The solution leveraged WordPress for content curation, using plugins for visual editing and surfaced the curated content over REST API’s to be consumed by the native mobile application. Wholeschool also developed a fully working ‘Proof of Content’ mobile application using React Native demonstrating integration of the Rest Apis into the mobile application.

RSA phone.png

Road Safety Authority
Learning Management System

Wholeschool have developed a strong strategic relationship with the Road Safety Authority in Ireland over the past 8 years and have been instrumental in the successful delivery of their Virtual Learning offering based upon the popular open-source Moodle platform. We have worked closely with various teams; from their technical support team when coordinating and actioning upgrades to both Moodle and the high availability server environment its running on, through to engagement with digital marketing teams to curate interactive digital resources, including their popular ‘Wrecked’ and ‘Mobility Matters’ courses.


Open Training College
Website, VLE, Systems Integration

Wholeschool have implemented and managed OTC’s online website presence along with their Virtual Learning Environment for the past 4 years. We have leveraged our expertise in open source WordPress and Moodle technologies to deliver a seamless solution for the training college. This included provisioning and maintenance of a high availability server configuration & custom user authentication.

OTC anchor

Transforming Education

Working alongside some of our industry partners, the Wholeschool Team have been involved in transforming how educational content is presented and consumed.

NI Archive
Heritage Portal & Content Transformation

NI Archive is one of the largest online Heritage and Museum digital portals in the Island of Ireland and we have managed the platform’s ongoing development and growth for over 14 years. We leveraged our expertise in the open source WordPress technologies to deliver a powerful publicly available Museum asset library containing over 27,500 digital assets that are content rich and searchable. The website incorporates community projects and resources as well as museum digital assets that were integrated from the Council’s ‘Modes’ Museum Management System.

NIARCHIVE phone.png
NI Archive anchor

ICT Skillnet
Content Transformation & Creation

ICT Skillnet are a national agency dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of workforce learning in Ireland. 

We have been involved in the production of their remote webinar series, to ensure continuity of learning for the 50,000 trainees they support. To date, we have produced over 60 videos in this series and continue to help inform their YouTube optimisation strategy.

ICT Skillnet
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