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Wholeschool Connect

Wholeschool Connect allows schools and colleges to engage with their stakeholders through surveys, forms & quizzes, and helps identify areas for improvement.

Wholeschool Connect revolutionises school management in the UK with its AI-driven platform. Offering over 200 tailored surveys, inclusive stakeholder engagement, real-time AI analysis, and insightful infographic reports, it highlights key improvement areas.

Enhanced with a quiz builder and digital permission slip functionality, Wholeschool Connect streamlines administration and enriches educational experiences.

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Explore the key features of Wholeschool Connect

Library of 200+ school surveys

Expand your school's insight with our comprehensive library of over 200 school surveys. Tailored to meet a variety of needs, these surveys cover essential topics ranging from student well-being to academic performance. This vast selection ensures that your school can gather precise data on any area of interest, empowering you to make informed decisions that enhance the educational experience.

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Survey all school stakeholders

Engage every voice in your school's community with our inclusive surveying tool. Wholeschool Connect enables you to gather valuable feedback from all stakeholders, including students, teachers, parents, and staff. This holistic approach ensures a well-rounded understanding of your school's dynamics, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone's opinion is valued and contributes to shaping a better educational future.

Results instantly analysed by AI

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to get instant, accurate analysis of survey results. Our AI-driven system swiftly processes responses, offering you immediate insights without the wait. This efficiency means you can act quickly on the data collected, leading to more dynamic and responsive decision-making within your school.


AI Sentiment Analysis

Dive deeper into the emotional undercurrents of your school community with our AI sentiment analysis. This advanced feature interprets the tone and sentiment behind responses, providing a nuanced understanding of stakeholder feelings and attitudes. Such depth of analysis is invaluable for addressing sensitive issues and fostering a positive school environment.

Infographic report builder

Transform data into understanding with our visually striking infographic reports. These reports present complex information in an easily digestible format, making it simpler for all stakeholders to comprehend and engage with the findings. This clarity supports more effective communication and collaboration across your school.

In-Class Quiz Creation

Wholeschool Connect empowers educators to effortlessly create custom class quizzes, aligned with learning objectives and curricula. Its user-friendly interface supports various question types and offers real-time feedback and grading, enhancing teaching tools for more dynamic, effective learning and assessment.

School Permission Slip Management

Wholeschool Connect streamlines managing school permission slips, enabling digital creation, distribution, and collection. Its secure portal allows parents to swiftly review and approve slips, enhancing communication and coordination with schools. This digitisation saves time and boosts efficiency in school administration.

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