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Who We Are

Wholeschool is a Northern Irish EdTech Company, with its head office in Belfast. Our platform-as-a-service supports a range of integrated services including school improvement, compliance and curriculum planning, we also support popular open source software including WordPress, Wix, Google LMS & Moodle and have extensive experience in Systems Integration.

Digital natives

Wholeschool is made-up of a team of digital innovators and education experts. Our aim is simple; to create powerful and beautiful software to positively disrupt the education sector.

We've worked with hundreds of educators over the years; helping design and create apps that make a real impact in the classroom.


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Wholeschool Platform

The Wholeschool Platform is at the heart of everything we do

The latest version of the Wholeschool Platform and suite of Educational Apps are powered by Biild, our exciting new Low-Code Application Platform. Biild empowers organisations to increase developer velocity and rapidly build Cloud Native apps that run anywhere by providing low-code tooling and a wide range ‘building blocks’ out of the box.

Our platform makes it easy to build everything from simple standalone applications through to rich, fully integrated eco-systems. Complex application functionality that would normally require substantial developer time, such as time-travelling data and AI/Machine Learning functionality can be integrated into Biild applications in a fraction of the time.

Our Pupil Benchmark application for example, leverages both of these features to allow teachers to replay a student’s progression across achievement benchmarks. By applying AI and machine learning, the system can predict baseline positions and targeted benchmarks over a period of time.


Low Code or Code-First


Cloud Native


Machine Learning


Powerful Workflows


Dev-Ops Pipeline


App Marketplace


Visual Designer


Privacy by Design


Citizen Developers


Developer Tools & SDKs


Polyglot Persistence


Open Application Model

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Design & Conquer 

Leveraging open source software is in our DNA. Our team has extensive experience in Website Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Content Transformation, & Systems Integration. We have worked on 1000s of projects over the years.


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